R&D Overview

The need for high-end systems engineering solutions and services spans all military and commercial markets that build and maintain large-scale, complex systems. Such systems need to perform effectively in the face of uncertain and missing inputs, a situation that is increasingly common in the real world. The design, maintenance and enhancement of legacy systems based on engineering tools that assume certain and complete inputs necessarily result in brittleness that is readily observable in system behaviors and performance failures. Corporations are increasingly discovering that failure to address the requirements for large-scale system performance in the face of uncertain and incomplete information can be very costly.

To address this challenge, IET has pioneered the use of Bayesian Network technology - computational techniques for inductive, deductive and abductive reasoning from evidence to support or deny hypotheses. Using Bayesian Network technology, IET can:

  • Dynamically solve marginal or conditional probabilities of any Boolean combinations of variables of interest,
  • Model subject matter expert knowledge ,
  • Represent uncertainty of evidence,
  • Capture correlations, functional and causal relationships,
  • Represent physical, structural, and time-varying relationships,
  • Capture dynamic event occurrences,
  • Represent Boolean logical relationships & constraints,
  • Perform dynamic computation of sensitivity of measurements, and relationships to inferences; and
  • Infer hidden variables including physical, functional, structural and causal factors

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