IET Process Training


This one day training class centers on a methodology that IET successfully uses on customer sites. It is illustrated by a vertical example that is evolved through the course.

Module Objectives

When the trainee completes this module s/he will have acquired the following methodologies and capabilities:

• Capability to plan and execute a project involving solving a problem or performing a reasoning task under uncertainty.

• Methodology for proceeding through the project in an organized, structured manner.

• Methodology and templates for project planning tasks.

• Capability to apply methodologies and templates in a classroom example set up to model a real-world project.


Training Schedule

The presentation order is as follows:

- Representation of approach to use; (1/8 day)

- Overview of Process Lifecycle; (1/8 day)

- Understanding of Project Phases; (1/8 day)

- Role of Quality Management Systems / Documentation; (1/8 day)

- Mapping a real world example to the above process; (1/2 day)

Each student receives a set of hardcopy slides to follow and a soft copy of documentation templates. Students are encouraged to bring their own PCs, with Microsoft Word pre-loaded. That enables them to perform the hands-on example on their own PCs, so that by the end of the class they have personally implemented a project using the structured process covered.

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