Quiddity Training


This three day training class covers a brief overview of Bayesian Networks, then builds upon how to model using IET's Quiddity*Suite software. It contains many examples throughout the course.

Course Objectives

When the trainee completes this module s/he will have acquired the following skills:

• Introduction to Bayesian Networks

• Introduction to Quiddity*Suite

• Pointers to reference materials

• Build and query models in Quiddity*Modeler

• Introduction to Quiddity*Visualizer

• Approximate Inference

• Learning

• The Art of Modeling

• Interaction with Java

• Interaction with C/C++


Each student receives a set of hardcopy slides to follow and a soft copy of examples. Students are encouraged to bring their own PCs, with Quiddity*Suite pre-loaded. That enables them to perform the hands-on example on their own PCs.

For more information on training, contact training@iet.com.